How NICOrelief TM Works

When NICOrelief is chewed, it works as a temporary aid to help you quit smoking by reducing nicotine withdrawal symptoms. NICOrelief provides less nicotine to your blood than cigarettes, thereby allowing you to gradually reduce your body's desire for nicotine. As time passes, you use less and less gum until you no longer need it.

How to use NICOrelief

NICOrelief is not a typical chewing gum but rather medicine. Therefore, it is crucial that you adhere to these guidelines to minimize side effects that may occur.
  1. Stop smoking before using NICOrelief.
  2. Follow the Dosing Schedule to reduce cravings and other withdrawal symptoms.
  3. Chew NICOrelief very slowly several times.
  4. Stop chewing it when you experience a slight tingling or peppery taste (about 15 chews).
  5. Position NICOrelief between your cheek and gum and leave it there.
  6. When the tingling or peppery taste dissipates (about one minute), chew slowly until it returns, then stop.
  7. Position NICOrelief in a different location than the first time and hold it again.
  8. Repeat Steps 3 through 7 (chewing then holding) until the flavor or tingling (nicotine) will not return. (About hour)
  9. Dispose of NICOrelief in a location safe from children or pets.